Pyrsong's Chase The Music

Pyrsong’s Chase The Music, “Mandy”, is our youngest Great Pyrenees.  We like to speak a little bit of Spanish to her because her breeder and co-owner lives in Mexico.  Mandy’s dam, GCH Pyrsong’s Lets Make Music HOF  (Music) has set the bar very high for her daughter.    Music is not only a Grand Champion, but was also in the Top Twenty for 2015.  She is also in the Hall of Fame AND was awarded Select Bitch at the 2017 Great Pyrenees  National Specialty.  Mandy’s sire was awarded an Awarded of Merit as well at the same National Specialty.

GCH CH Montique's Legend of The Brickyard

CH Monique's Brickyard Bomber

Ch Cuddledud's Boo Boo Bear

CH Pyr Haven' Independent Dudley

CH Tresors Karolaska Celeste

CH Pyr Haven Phanton O'Montiq

CH Pyr Haven Phanton O' The Opra

CH Summerhill Emerald O'Pyrhavn

Ch Tip'NChip Mamma Mia O'Montique

CH Tip'NChip's Freedom Celebration

CH Tip'Nchip's National Anthem

CH Tip'Nchip Love American Style

CH Summerhill's Victorian Pride

CH Wildstar's Admiral Dire

Summerhill Elysee's Windsong

GCh CH Pyrsong's Let's Make Music HOF

CH Winterwood Summerhill Bing

CH Tip'NChip's Master & Commander

Ch Tip'N Chip's National Anthem

CH Tip'Nchip's Lotus Blossom

CH Winterwood DSummerhill Shin'n

CH Wildstar's Admiral Dire

CH Summerhill The Critic's Choice

CH Tip'NChip Summerhill Isis

CH Tip'Nchip's Future Dreams

CH Tip'Nchip's Honor and Pride

CH Tip'Nchip's Field of Dreams

CH Tip'Nchip Love American Style

CH Tip'Nchip's Honor and Pride

CH Tip'Nchip Hartbeat Of America